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photo equipment


-Photo well riched content.

Our webiste creating wing is fully based up with lakhs of premium copyrighted imaged from photographers all over the world to provide clients with right content images for their websites.

Thousand Words



BitzTrail provide word-of-mouth publicity to your sites too. We are working on both online and offline platform in the advertisement that would be add-on feature for making more knowned by others.

simply Stunning


-Makes you unique.

BitzTrail provides a uniqueness in all our works for our clients even in template selection and rich condensed content. This will make our each and every client to be a unique icon in their fellow competitives.

Refreshed designs


-Difference for sight.

BitzTrail uses from 10000 of copyrighted premium templates that everytime gives a refreshed look to clients websites from the other usual templates rolling world-wide on internet..

Full package


-Ease payment.

BitzTrail provides one-time settlement for all your digital marketing requirement including all the charges and maintaning fees for your webiste on yearly basis .

get connected


-We are at your fingertips.

BitzTrail provides 365/24/7 services for our clients with all sorts of aids. We assure 15 mintues complaints resolving cycle with our technical teams in any sort of problems our clients faces. We assures a hassle free environment with BitzTrail.


Digital Solutions

BitzTrail work as one with our clients and partners to deliver highly performing digital tools and solutions to best serve their needs. We works closely with its clients and partners in a stepped approach to develop customised digital solutions. We design and develop applications that are user-friendly, modern and easily adaptable and upgradable.

The Digital Solutions team also supports our consulting activities by allowing LGI to offer solutions and software, adding value to the consultants’ work for our clients. LGI also conducts IT audit and recommendations.

BITZTRAIL-can do more than other freelancer


Rebrand strategy is a long-term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve specific goals. A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments.


We the BitzTrail gives maximum effort for the creative aspects of every client. Websites are developed according to the nature, current trend, form of business and most important is we include our valuable client to our working platform to have step by step improvement of their websites.


Creating a webiste without having the real essence of the business is like beauty without brain. We BitzTrail supports with flourished knowledge centres with all the updated trends and database apt to the website creation and premium templates.

Our Patrons